Pathways is a resource for visual art educators so that they may educate students of art on the various professional careers offered in society. Many art students are unaware of the jobs and opportunities that exist in the Creative Economy. The following list is a guide of how students can use artistic knowledge in the pursuit of capital. Much has been written on this topic most notably Richard Florida's 2002 book Rise of the Creative Class: And How it's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life.
Creative Fields / Cultural ProductionArt Fields: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture (ceramics, glass, metal, carving), Printmaking, Film, Video, New Media, Photography, Visual Communication, Performance, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Fiber (weaving).

Art as Career:
Visual Communication, Digital Art, Graphic Design (multimedia, print, web, publishing)
Game Design (web, corporate, studio)
Animation (comic, film, video / new media, web, commercial)
Industrial Design (designed objects)
Architecture (digital drafting, planning, interior modeling, field work, research, marketing)
Fashion Design (garment, outer-wear, costume, avant-garde)
Interior Design / Set Design (stage, set, installation, spatial experimentation)
Photography (editorial, fashion, freelance)
Film, Video, New Media (editing, recording, directing, story boarding/sequencing, tv, web, animation, digital)
Sound (recording, producing, mixing, audio, music, acoustic)
Performance (guerrilla street campaigns, face-to-face marketing, movement, spiritual, interpretive dance, public)
Writing (story telling, publishing, copy writing, editing, fiction, non-fiction)
Art History (criticism, museum curating, research, gallery, college / university)
Art Education (research, schools, museums, community arts, organizations, activism, college / university)
Art Therapy (medical field, art field, college / university, community, non-profit)
Arts Administration (curating, gallery, museum, project space, outreach, grant writing, community, non-profit)

Marketing ("creative") Graphic Design
Advertising ("creative") Graphic Design
Commercial Illustration
Retail (window display, set design, constructed models)
Fashion (lead designer, design assistant, design intern, retail buyer, freelance, costume designer)
Interior Design
Architecture / Drafting
Film Industry
TV (master control, editing, TV graphics, sound)
Theater (stage design, set design, fashion consulting, fashion designer)
Community Arts / Non-Profit Sector
Print / Web Publications
Web (marketing, advertising, motion graphics, digital graphics)
Photography Arenas (print / digital marketing & advertising)