Visual Art Education Wiki is a Digital Resource for Students of Art Education
Based in the city of Chicago and located within DePaul University’s Visual Art Education Program, this site offers: links, writing, and materials concerning the field of Visual Art Education. Topics covered: modern/postmodern art history, theory, and criticism, visual art education, Chicago practices, interdisciplinary scholarship, noteworthy programs, pertinent writing as well as relevant scholars.

This space exists as an online/digital resource for visual art educators and students of Visual Art Education. The field of Art Education was theorized long ago to educate and advocate for the history, theory, practice, process, and production methods of visual art. In the Postmodern era, our strategies have grown out of: Child Centered Learning, Critical and Liberatory Pedagogy, Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE), Multiculturalism, Constructivist Education Theory, Social Justice Education, Community Based Art Education, Phenomenology, Visual Literacy, Issues Based Art Education, and Visual Culture Studies. Today, most art educator's practice some combination of these eleven methodologies. Our efforts have traditionally focused on art teachers, young people, and communities, however our contributions to higher education and transdisciplinarity has been extremely significant.

*Visual Art Education as a term, refers to educating for the visual arts. When what was historically known as The Arts became Fine Arts, Art Education did not call itself Fine Art Education, it was just somehow implied. When Fine Art became Visual Art, some Art Educators decided to call Art Education--Visual Art Education to specify what it is it teaches.

This is not overwhelmingly accepted but over time some argue that this will become the term. The notion was invented to distinguish between the Arts (performance, music, theater, literature, and poetry) in order to specify that art educators primarily teach visual art. It was also a way of dealing with pretentious language, some have noted that there is nothing "fine" about Fine Arts.

In the following pages you will find links, writing, and material resources concerning the field of Visual Art Education. These pages cover the various movements in Art History, Art Theory, Art Education, Chicago practices, interdisciplinary scholarship, noteworthy programs, writing as well as relevant scholars.//